Miss Delta Cocktails



A southern delight since the 1940's. Bacardi

silver rum and Myers dark rum mixed with lime, orange, pomegranate and passion fruit juices

The outlaw

Armed with Bulleit bourbon, lemonade,

bedford's ginger beer and a splash of bitters.


bulliet rye whiskey, sugar, and peychaud's bitters. 

Swirled and strained into a pernod rinsed glass

and finished with a toasted orange twist.

farmers daughter

a miss delta original of house infused cucumber vodka

mixed with a splash of cranberry juice and house made

sour mix. served with a lime.

mississippi mule

our twist on a classic...monopolowa vodka,

bedford's ginger beer and a splash of lime juice.

peach fuzz

a strong mix of bulleit bourbon, peach puree,

peach bitters, house made lemonade and fresh mint.

cajun lemonade

house infused cucumber vodka, pimms liqueur, lemonade

and miss delta ol' recipe hot sauce.

garnished with smoked paprika and dried chili pepper.

cruel intentions

house infused jalapeno tequila, watermelon puree,

fresh pineapple and lime juice...salted rim.

miss delta mary

house made bloody mary mix with miss delta ol' recipe

hot sauce, mama lil's pickled veggies and choice of

new deal hot monkey or portland vodka...salted rim.


bonoval cava mixed with premium orange juice.

served in a champagne flute with an orange wedge.