My love of cooking started early in life. As a child, I spent countless hours watching my southern born and raised grandmother working in her kitchen creating amazing food. My grandfather’s passion was gardening, which cultivated in me a love for using fresh ingredients, direct from the garden to the kitchen. I can clearly look back and see the influence my grandparents had on me, which led to this wonderful career of creating and cooking

At 15 years old, I started working as a part time dishwasher at a retirement center in downtown Vancouver, Washington. In that kitchen, the seed my grandparents planted in me began to grow into a realization that cooking and serving others would become my profession. After years of working in various restaurants around the Portland and Vancouver area, my passion and love for cooking led me to California Culinary Academy, in San Francisco, California. Known as one of the top culinary degree programs in America, I was honored to be accepted, and graduated at the top of my class; I was offered a six-month degree completion internship at Wildwood Restaurant and subsequently an offer of employment with them. Following that, I worked my way up to Sous-chef at ClarkLewis, served as Sous-Chef at the Country Cat, and as Executive Chef for Provvista specialty foods

In 2012, after recognizing Miss Delta and Mississippi Avenue had something special, I purchased Miss Delta. I believed it would be the perfect platform for my 30 years of experience to provide you with good ol’ southern cooking and a down-home experience. With a perfect combination of laid back atmosphere and high-quality food, we make you feel like grandma’s back in the kitchen, cooking it up!

I am the husband of an amazing woman and the proud dad to two wonderful kiddos. My family and I love living in Portland and being part of the Mississippi avenue family.